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Grooms Choice Super Shampoo


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Enhances the natural colours and highlights within the horse’s coat for various colours, breeds and skin types.

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Super Red Shampoo
A perfect shampoo to bring out the natural highlights of your chestnut, bay and dark roan horses and ponies.

This high quality shampoo will help maintain good coat condition and leave a high gloss finish leaving your horses looking healthy and clean.

Super Black Shampoo
A concentrated, high quality grooming shampoo formulated for use on blacks and dark browns.

Based on coconut oil, Super Black shampoo is non-greasy and will produce a high gloss sheen that makes the coat “ooze” condition.

Super White Shampoo
A pearlised, super concentrated shampoo for use on greys, dapples, flea bittens, light roans etc, With natural optical brighteners, Super White will “bring out” the many shades of natural colour in the coat, and produce a fabulous show finish.

Super Gold Shampoo
A very concentrated gel for use on duns, palominos and pale chestnuts. This superb shampoo enhances the natural highlights in the coat and produces a glowing golden sheen.

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Super Red Shampoo, Super Black Shampoo, Super White Shampoo, Super Gold Shampoo